About The Members

Our Female Property Alliance (FPA) members come from all walks of life, are all ages and are drawn together with a collective need for creating their own independent financial future. They are empowered women who are seeking connection…

About The Organisers

Our founder is Bindar Dosanjh, a multi-award winning landlady, property investor and mentor, and best selling author. She set up the FPA when she couldn’t find a suitable group that supported women…

Our Products

At the FPA we provide membership and offer support and guidance depending on what you’re trying to achieve and your current circumstances. We offer mentoring, coaching courses and a whole variety of other…
Steps to Safeguard Your Property Portfolio in Times of Uncertainty - FREE ENTRY AND ONLINE

SPEAKER: Bindar Dosanjh

DATE: Tuesday, 21st April 2020
TIME: 18:30 – 22:00
EVENT TYPE: Women’s only
VENUE:To be announced – Online webinar – TO BE ANNOUNCED