The Female Property Alliance (FPA) members come from all walks of life, are all ages and are from all parts of the UK. They are empowered women who are seeking connection and education with like-minded women who will inspire them and drive them forward to achieve their dreams.

The FPA is definitely for you if…

  • You are starting your property investing journey
  • You are considering getting involved in property but don’t know where to begin
  • You are a seasoned property investor
  • You are looking for current property market knowledge and education
  • You want to network with like-minded people and share ideas
  • You want to expand your network of potential alliances or team members like accountants, solicitors, brokers, designers and architects
  • You want to build your property investing business further
  • You want to be in a positive, social and learning environment
  • You want your questions answered by property investing experts
  • You want more confidence and contacts

The Female Property Alliance (FPA) is a supportive community of women who are thinking of investing in property, have just started property investing and the seasoned property investor. It is the place where women can form meaningful connections with like-minded women, while being surrounded by experts who are walking their talk.

The FPA is dedicated to advancing the success of female property investors in the UK. We provide our members opportunities to network and do business with each other in a friendly, social yet learning environment. At the FPA you will feel empoweredconnected, free to share and be inspired by other women’s success stories to take action yourself.

Three times a year we open our doors to men, so our members, attendees and guests can invite their partners, business associates and fellow property investors to attend.

We have various social events throughout the year. One of the events where members were able to connect with each other at a deeper level was at Royal Ascot.