FPA Founder - Bindar Dosanjh
Multi-Award Winning Landlady and Property Mentor

Bindar Dosanjh set up the Female Property Alliance when she struggled to find a networking group dedicated to like-minded women.

She had found that most property networking events had a mixed environment but women approach property investing differently, and the existing groups could be overpowering and daunting for women.

Realising there was a need to offer a more feminine approach to empower women in a safe, warm and friendly environment Bindar set about opening her own group. Key intentions for the group were to offer connection with other female investors, current property investing education and inspiration from others in the group.

Today through the FPA, Bindar offers members, attendees and guests a highly empowered environment that follows her motto of…

“If I can do it, so can you!”

About Bindar

Bindar Dosanjh is a multi-award-winning property investor, property mentor, trainer and lawyer. An acclaimed international speaker who inspires thousands of women each year to get into property. Bindar now has a property portfolio worth several million pounds, is financially free and living her dream lifestyle. Bindar lives her mission every day as a property investing mentor by empowering, educating, enlightening and enabling other women to achieve what she has.