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The Female Property Alliance offers a range of products from FPA Annual Membership with its huge benefits and bonuses, to the monthly speaker videos. Take a browse through what we have to offer.

 Female Property Alliance – Annual Membership

The FPA is dedicated to advancing the success of Female Property Investors. We provide opportunities to network and do business with each other in a friendly, social yet learning environment. Women feel empowered, connected, free to share and inspired to take action.Annual membership has many benefits click here for more information .

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Property Investing Made Simple For Beginners!

Power Property Investing for Women

by Bindar Dosanjh

For any women who wants to control their financial future. There is a property investing strategy for everyone regardless of financial or personal circumstances.

This book provides the necessary guidance, tools, strategies and support. Bindar teaches a safe and secure way to start property investing, turning the fearful novice into a fiercely confident property investor.

Award-winning Property Developer and Mentor Bindar Dosanjh, with over 20 years’ experience, shows you how to:

• Get on the property ladder
• Create your desired income from property investing
• Write your own pay cheques
• Profit from distressed properties
• Fund your deals using other people’s money
• Systemise your property business
• Create your own financial independence plan
and much more…

£14.99 | US $21.95 | €19.00

House of Multiple Occupancy: How to Leverage Licensing for Profit with Carl Agar

November Networking Event – 20 Nov 2018

Carl Agar is the Managing Director of BRH (property management and portfolio building specialists), founder and Chief Executive of The Home Safe Scheme, for the last decade he has been the Yorkshire representative of the National Landlords Association – the UK’s largest landlord association, as well as being a Landlord and Investor.

In this event, our speaker will talk about:

  • Compliance and Licensing
  • Maximising the outcome of any licensing scheme particularly on areas subject to Selective Licensing
  • Taking advantage of the housing crisis
  • …and so much more!


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How To Maximise Your Investments for 2019

December Networking Event – 18 December 2018

Adam Strong is a Ultra-High Energy Personal Productivity Authority, he can    increase staff performance, improve work-life balance and create a high performing work culture. He currently runs 4 different businesses and enjoys  working with senior business leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs  and  medium sized companies.

Adam will teach us:


  1. How to overcome your limiting beliefs
  2. How to create drive and ambition
  3. How to eliminate distractions and achieve laser focus
  4. How to achieve faster and quicker results
  5. Learn how 5 simple steps to make 2019 the best year ever

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