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 Female Property Alliance – Annual Membership

The FPA is dedicated to advancing the success of Female Property Investors. We provide opportunities to network and do business with each other in a friendly, social yet learning environment. Women feel empowered, connected, free to share and inspired to take action.Annual membership has many benefits click here for more information .

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Property Investing Made Simple For Beginners!

Power Property Investing for Women

by Bindar Dosanjh

For any women who wants to control their financial future. There is a property investing strategy for everyone regardless of financial or personal circumstances.

This book provides the necessary guidance, tools, strategies and support. Bindar teaches a safe and secure way to start property investing, turning the fearful novice into a fiercely confident property investor.

Award-winning Property Developer and Mentor Bindar Dosanjh, with over 20 years’ experience, shows you how to:

• Get on the property ladder
• Create your desired income from property investing
• Write your own pay cheques
• Profit from distressed properties
• Fund your deals using other people’s money
• Systemise your property business
• Create your own financial independence plan
and much more…

£14.99 | US $21.95 | €19.00

Brexit, Fears & Opportunities

February Networking Event – 19 February 2019

INDAR DOSANJH is a multi-award winning property developer, property mentor, trainer and lawyer. She is a published author “Power Property Investing for Women”.An acclaimed international speaker who inspires thousands of women each year to get into property investing for passive income so they can control their financial destiny to enable them to create the freedom, choices and of course

Become excited about your goals, discuss expectations, remove fears and dig more on opportunities for 2019!

What are the things that Bindar will talk about in this event:

  • Avoid the 5 reasons why people don’t invest
  • Maximise achievement models 
  • Common excuses in property 
  • 4 things to avoid in 2019 in property 
  • 7 reasons why people don’t action
  • Impact of Brexit 
  • Impact on other taxes changes
  • The winning formula for financial independence 


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